On Wednesday 12th June and Thursday 13th June, you will be writing your first essay for English. This means you will be producing a piece of writing of 600-1000 words about the book ‘Ender’s Game’. You will be answering the following question:

To what extent is it true that Ender is a hero in Ender’s Game?

Your essay will need to include an introduction, 3-4 paragraphs and a conclusion. We will be learning how to write in this style during your lessons. You will need to decide on your line of argument, which means what you think the answer to the question is and how you will show this in your writing about the book.

At home you will need to complete the hero grids with examples as to when Ender is or is not a hero, using your chapter summaries. You can also start to gather quotations (words and phrases) from the book which you think will support your line of argument.

Another good idea is to read some other essays that students have done, you can find examples of these if you look at other class and student blogs on Edutronic. You could also practise writing parts of your essay and bring them in to be looked at before writing your final piece in the lessons next week.

You will be assessed on the following:

–         Your understanding of the book

–         Your ability to answer the question

–         Your use of details and quotations from the book

–         The clarity of your line of argument