See here for the scheme of work we have been studying on the novel ‘Ender’s Game’. We have been reading and working on reading skills, as well as using the novel as a launch pad to consider genre, gaming and politics!

Ender's Game_1 Ender's Game_2 Ender's Game_3 Ender's Game_4 Ender's Game_5 Ender's Game_6 Ender's Game_7 Ender's Game_8 Ender's Game_9 Ender's Game_10 Ender's Game_11 Ender's Game_12 Ender's Game_13 Ender's Game_14 Ender's Game_15 Ender's Game_16 Ender's Game_17 Ender's Game_18 Ender's Game_19 Ender's Game_20 Ender's Game_21 Ender's Game_22 Ender's Game_23 Ender's Game_24 Ender's Game_25 Ender's Game_26 Ender's Game_27 Ender's Game_28 Ender's Game_29 Ender's Game_30 Ender's Game_31 Ender's Game_32 Ender's Game_33 Ender's Game_34 Ender's Game_35 Ender's Game_36 Ender's Game_37 Ender's Game_38 Ender's Game_39 Ender's Game_40 Ender's Game_41 Ender's Game_42 Ender's Game_43 Ender's Game_44 Ender's Game_45 Ender's Game_46 Ender's Game_47 Ender's Game_48 Ender's Game_49 Ender's Game_50 Ender's Game_51 Ender's Game_52 Ender's Game_53 Ender's Game_54 Ender's Game_55 Ender's Game_56 Ender's Game_57