In the last two lessons we have explored how to perform ‘Beowulf’ through frozen physical pictures (tableaux). We considered why this was important:

  • because it was from a useful tool to help us understand the story
  • because it made the story more dramatic and exciting
  • because it allowed us to look at different opinions about, and interpretations of, the story
  • because it was true to the original telling of epic stories, which were told through performance and song

We also discussed four important elements that could be displayed in a tableaux: power, status, emotions and setting. Various volunteers through themselves around the drama arena that we created in the classroom to help us work out how to show these different elements. Turkay proved himself to be an excellent director – particularly when he was able to guide six of our actors into positions which conveyed (showed) us a seaside setting.

From this work we have built up some of the skills which will help us to explore the dramatic story of ‘Beowulf’ and to interpret the plot and characters.

Oh and of course – look at our fabulous tick lists!