Today we explored the idea of what a quotation was and when we would use this in English. It was a challenge trying to figure it all out but we got there in the end! We decided that a quotation – when it comes to fiction work – was a word or phrase from the text.

So if we wanted (as we did) to describe what Beowulf is like, we would use a quotation such as “warrior prince”. This is a direct example from the story (p21). To make sure that this answered the question as to what this tells us about Beowulf, we would then need to explain this. Jayden B did this really well, he describe the physical attributes of Beowulf and then used this quotation to explore Beowulf’s character:

  • ‘He describes himself as a ‘warrior prince’, this means that he is a combination of both it sounds like he is boasting telling the reader he is vain.’

He is beginning to look at some of Beowulf’s negative characteristics and this fits into our idea that sometimes heroes can be arrogant. We will be practising using quotations in this way throughout this year, so if you haven’t quite got the hang of it yet, don’t worry.

Well done to those who made it on to today’s tick list. Remember if you have two marks next to your name, you can claim a watch mark! Akin managed to get two watchmarks today for his enthusiastic contributions.