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Victorian London

  We have started a new unit of work, exploring London in the Victorian times. So far you have tried out some of the roles from Victorian schools, learnt about the living conditions of the rich and poor and created your own Victorian front pages. You have also displayed a fantastic knowledge of Charles Dickens, […]

Personal Reading project

Personal Reading project

Year 7 Reading Project: Language and Identity This term your extended homework will be to explore three different texts which look at the themes of language and identity. One of these texts can be a film. You need to look for texts which have a theme of language or identity such as a story about […]

Delayed Tick Lists!!

Sorry all – I know it has been a while since I’ve uploaded these. Having the flu last week meant I have been in catch up mode. Congratulations again for all of those who have been climbing onto the tick list and in particular those who make it a regular occurrence. I look forward to […]

Collaboration Station

Today you took charge and all became teachers. Each one of you took an expert position from ‘spelling checkers’, to ‘creative ideas men’, to ‘words magicians’. You then worked with your group to teach and advise each other on how to improve your creative writing. At the end of this work, Harry came up with […]

Improving your writing

Improving your writing

Today we discussed how to improve your writing and considered what makes an exciting story. You are working towards producing a piece of extended creative writing and we are starting to trial some techniques which will help you improve. Jayden B and Sebastian shared some particularly helpful thoughts about why self reflection and learning from […]

Monsters and Villains

Evil cackles, gruesome ghouls and violent battles have been the subject of our lessons this week. What really makes a monster? What are the metaphorical monsters that plague us? Is violence in literature acceptable? These are just some of the interesting and philosophical dilemmas that we have debated this week. I have been impressed with […]


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